X32 Egg Incubator for 32 Eggs

Designed and developed in Canada. With testing done in Keya with real time eggs this Egg Incubator is proven to work in a harsh enviroment. 

This Egg Incubator comes with Solar Panel and Lithium Battery so it ensures thst the eggs are kept at the optimal temprature at all times. This brings a greater hatch rate to all the eggs.  

1. Micro-computer keep the temperature and humidity invariable
2.Support mixed hatching,can hatch a variety of poultry
3.Temperature setting button operation synchronization voice broadcast
4.The latest updated model,more accurate and stable.
5.The high power temperature fans and heating pipe,ensuring the high hatching rate
6.Variable frequency energy-saving control systerm
7.Intelligent automatic ultrasonic humidity control.
8.Excellent quality,EU standard/approved
9.Suitable for incubating all poultry:chickens,ducks,turkey,etc.
10.Alarm bell when you increase or decrease the heat and humidity

X32 Egg Incubator Control panel

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