CEO Nyasha Rupiya-Bromley

Zimbabwean born and proud African Nyasha leads the team with her passion and dream of brining more to Africa. She came to the UK to forge a career and provide for her family. A leading light to others. Nyasha has led the way.  

Fluent in Shona and with business interests in Zimbabwe, Nyasha is a regular visitor back to her homeland. She empowers women and with her business interest she always places women in charge. 

Her family are rural farmers and landowners. She grew up within an entrepreneurial family. Getting it done is part of her daily way.  


People First

Businesses are built by the team that works at the company every day. Eos Solar Solutions put the staff first. They are what makes it happen.

Quality of Work

Do a job right first time every time. The only reason to return is to fit or install more. We do it right.


This is what we do, with passion, desire and Dedication 


We only use qualified staff. And when we need more knowledge we get the right training. Our staff are kept at the fron of all developments, allways.